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The story of the Quattrocchi watch brand is about the courage and hopes of the thousands of immigrants who sought the promised land in Australia.

The story of the Quattrocchi watch brand starts in Lipari, an island near Sicily and the family’s historic home. Quattrocchi, which means “four eyes” refers to the renowned Belvedere di Quattrocchi lookout, which offers a splendid view of this magnificent Aeolian island.

Thomas Quattrocchi’s paternal grandfather, Salvatore, born in Sicily, had to leave the island which offered few prospects for him to feed his family. In November 1955 at the age of 21, like thousands of Italians at the time, he embarked on the “Boat Australia”. After a month-long passage, he disembarked at Port Melbourne, entry point of immigrants who had come to try their luck in Australia.

Thomas’s grandmother, Giuseppina, joined Salvatore two years later, bringing with her their two children. Her father was a musician and

her brother, a renowned boot maker whose creations are today on display at the Castroreale museum in Sicily.They first settled in Corowa, the birthplace of the Federation of Australia, and then in Wangaratta, near Eldorado on the highway between Melbourne and Sydney. The two settlements had become boom towns in the 1850s gold rush.

After a journey of more than four years, the family finally settled in “marvellous Melbourne” in 1959. Their son, Antonio, Thomas’s father, became the first of the Quattrocchi family to be born in Australia.

Their story is that of Australia, a young nation and land of welcome that within a few decades rose to prominence among the world powers thanks to the courage, determination and skills of the men and women from Europe and Asia.

“Boat Australia”: the collection bears the name of the ship that enabled millions of men and women to realise their dreams.




Thomas Quattrocchi is almost 25 years old. After studying design at the Hampton Park Secondary College near Melbourne, he followed a course at the Gemmological Association of Australia founded in 1945, where he specialised in the grading of diamonds.

He worked for a while for the Lamborghini Club of Australia, for whom he designed an emblematic ring, but he soon decided to devote himself to the passion which had driven him since the age of 16: watchmaking.

With the help of his father, Antonio, he established Quattrocchi, the first Australian luxury watch brand, in 2010. He presented his first collection, named “Boat Australia”, in 2014. The 8 watches are entirely made in Switzerland by Golay Spierer, the world’s only specialist in custom-made watches.



The hexagonal case, roman numerals and mother-of-pearl dial are the brand’s signatures. The hexagonal case recalls the outline of Australia, generally considered to be the sixth continent. It is also part of the European tradition in which the number 6 symbolises the perfection and harmony born of the meeting between the spirit and matter, the artist and the craftsman, the designer and the watchmaker. The roman numerals, set in a metal framework, are inspired by the lines and architecture of the major Australian constructions of the 1930s and 40s, notably the Story Bridge in Brisbane and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was built by immigrants who had become Australian citizens. The dial is made entirely of white mother-of-pearl from Australia or black mother-of-pearl from Tahiti. Australian pearls, mainly from the north and northwest part of the island are noted for their size and brilliant whiteness, sometimes with a silvery lustre. They produce some of the world’s most valuable mother-of-pearl.


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    Each time piece is made entirely by Golay Spierer.

    Co-founded in 2001 by Christophe Golay, Golay Spierer is the world’s only specialist in custom-made watches. Based near Geneva, it carries on the heritage of the Golay-Leresche & Fils company, which established its international reputation in the 19th century after awards earned at the Geneva chronometry competitions in Geneva, the Zurich and Geneva exhibitions in 1884 and 1896 and at the Universal Exhibitions in Paris in 1855 and 1889.

    Technotime SA, an independent company established in 2001, is known for the excellence and reliability of its watch movements. Combining style and performance (5 days of power reserve) they can be adapted to every horological complication and are certified as “Swiss Made”. The company is based in Les Brenets, at the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

    COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres)

    The watches are entirely made in Switzerland and fitted with a complicated Technotime movement. Each watch is a COSC-certified chronometer.